What Is BlitzMemory?

BlitzMemory is the complete package when it comes to memory training. Train by leveling up in the different memory events or do your own custom training. Also, Compete with others online in an all-new versus format. Never run out of memory palaces again when training by using the premade palace videos in the memory palace library. And that's not all. Join now and don't miss out on what's to come!

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How To Get Started


Sign up for a new account if you already don’t have one. It’s free to start.


Go to train and select a event you want to train


Start training and strenghten your memory

Our Top Features


Most Customizable Training

You are able to customize your memory training from how to group your memory systems to having others watch your training live.


Track Your Progress

Keep track of the levels you achieve in each of the memory events. Also, see how you compare to others in the leaderboard. Coming soon is the ability to see your progress and scores in graphs!


Innovative Events

Unique and innovative events to train from. More events are added on a regular basis


Compete with others online

Find opponents online and compete with them. Get excited by defeating others with your memory.

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